LIONISTIC ACHIEVEMENTS-CA LION DIVYESH SHAH PMJF,DISTRICT GOVERNOR(2018-19),District 3231-A1,Second Century Ambassador, Lions Clubs International

  • Ln Divyesh Shah, a practising Chartered Accountants since 36 years, Also a Law Graduate.
  • Joined lionism in 1993,in Lions Club of(Bombay) Nanachowk , District 3231-A1 & became President of the Club in the year 1997-98 & 1998-99.
  • A Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow(2018-19) & Second Century Ambassador(2017-18).
  • Held various Posts in District 3231-A1From time to time including District Cabinet Secretary & District Treasurer.
  • Elected Unanimously as a District Governor for the year 2018-19.
  • Took the District 3231-A1 to unprecendented new heights with record breaking service activities, Programmes & events with slogan:We Serve with Pride.
  • 1268 Service Projects/Activities-Costing Rs 19.82 Crores(Rs.7.80 Crores+Rs.12 Crores).No. of Beneficiaries more than 6lakhs(5,88,145)-Beti Bachao & Beti PadhaoProgramme/several Sports Events.
  • District Twinning Projects in Multiple 3231 with Dist,3231-A2 & A3.
  • 29 MJFs/PMJFs and 247 LCIF Contributory Members.
  • 10 new Clubs for Dist. 3231-A1formed & 5 new Leo Clubs formed-First time Leo District 3231-A1 formed.
  • 262 Media Coverage in various Newspapers.
  • won 9 District Governor’s Awards from Multiple District 3231(2018-19).
  • 54 Multiple District Awards for District.3231-A1(2018-19).
  • For the first Time,District cabinate Meeting held abroad in Bali,Indonesia and also organised RLLI & installed the District Cabinet members himself as D.G.


  • 100% President Excellence Awards(1997-98& 19998-99).
  • Awards at Multiple: - Best Zone Chairman(1999-2000); -Best Region Chairman(2001-2002); -Best District cabinet treasurer(2005-2006); -LCIF MultipleDistrict Award(2004-2005); -Multiple Club Award-Diabetes Awareness & Detection(2007-2008); -Multiple District Excellence Dignity Award(2015-16).
  • AWARDS AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL: - As a D.G., was honoured in the ISAAME Forum in Dubai, by International President Gudrun Yngvadottir for his exceptional contribution to growth of membership and for New Clubs Development(2018-19); -District Governor(2018-19) Excellence Award(medal); -International President Appreciation Certificate as a District Governor(2018-19); -2 times International Presidential Medal(2005-2006,2017-18); -3 times International President Leadership Medal(2003-04,2005-06,2013-14); -8 times International President Appreciation Certificates(2000-01,01-02,02-03,04-05,05-06, 07-08,2014-15); -2 times Intl. President Membership Excellence Certificates(2001-02,2005-06); -2 times Intl.President Club Extension Awards(2001-02,02-03); -2 times Appreciation Certificates from Lions Quest India Foundation(2002-03,02-03); -International President Extension Award for Leo Club(2007-08); -Membership Key for State for 75 members(2014-15)from LCI.
  • GOVERNMENT AWARDS: - Maharashtra Samaj Bhushan Award by Govt.Maharashtra for Humanitarian Services(2018-19); -Veer Tanaji Malu Sare Rashtriaya Puraskar from Shivaji Gyanpith International(2018-19) PUBLICATIONS(2007-08); -A Book on Diabetes-A sweet and Silent Killer; -Activities-A way of Life; -medical Directory for Blind in Braille.
  • OTHER INSTITUTIONS: - Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India; -Member of Bombay chartered accountants’society; -Petron member of Jain Jagruti Walkeshwar Branch; -Chairperson of NAB Client Services Delivery Programme committee of National Association of Blind. TRUSTEES: -Bahujan Hitay-Sukhay Charitable Trust -Lions Club of Nanachowk Charitable Trust
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